What do you get when you add math to a car game?

You get  sum of the fun!

This awesome math game, for kids, features cars and excitement will have you learning more about math as you answer the multiple choice math questions! You simply have to choose the car with the right number on it! fun graphics, rewarding play, and a unique and interesting way to math are what you can expect from CarMath! Take your kids to a whole new level of math learning and comprehension with this fun and rewarding car game!

CarMath, Features:
* Free math game
* Fun cars and gameplay
* Multiple choice math questions
* Score 1, 2, or 3 points based on time taken
* Earn rewarding game points for right answers
* Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
* Cool graphics and effects that bring excitement to math learning
* Three levels of difficulty to challenge players as they progress with their skills

This awesome game helps kids learn math while offering rewarding fun and excitement. Keeping kids interested in math is much easier when you can offer them fun along with the lessons. Keep your children driving forward in their math development with CarMath! You can feel good knowing that their gaming will be a productive and fun experience that will help them in their math study.

Get it on Google Play


screenshots_new7 screenshots_new6

screenshots_new5 screenshots_new2



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